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By Sahil Dhamapurkar

Nonchalantly reading your eyes,

Filled with peculiar sublime,

Lingering beauty on your face,

Making my heart squeal and pace;

Rummaging your braided hair,

They're aging silver flares,

Still beautiful and placid,

You're my first love indeed;

You're always there for me,

Bringing me strength and glee,

Giving me selfless love,

An eternal peace like a dove;

I always crave for your warmth,

Whilst you're busy and swamped,

Angering you is my favourite pass time,

But I won't be able 'cause of my birdlime;

Gone are those days as we grow,

No regrets and past sorrows,

You're my ostentatious charm,

Like an alluring Psalm;

You're my first and my last,

You, can never be surpassed,

My soulmate, my angelica,

You're the best, my Maa.

By Sahil Dhamapurkar

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