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Angel Mine

By Stephen Mascarenhas

Her aura radiates pure positivity,

A divine being, spreading serenity

With each smile and gentle touch,

She blesses the world with so much.

Her radiance glows from within,

Like a beam of sunshine after the rainin,

Her beauty is not just skin deep,

But from a pure heart and soul that she keep.

I could sense her divine aura,

And the serenity it brings,

It felt like I was in the presence,

Of a celestial being with wings.

As she smiled at me,

Her warmth filled the air,

I felt like I was being lifted,

To a place beyond compare.

In that brief moment,

I felt a deep connection,

As if we were meant to meet,

And share this special intersection.

I feel grateful for this encounter whole,

For this meeting with such a divine soul,

She reminds me of the beauty of my life,

Of the magic that lies beyond every day’s strife.

I thank the universe for this most amazing gift,

For this moment that my heart is being uplift

I will cherish it for the rest of my life forevermore,

This day when I met an angel, the one I adore.

I may never see her again; I feel as she departs

Her grace filled presence lingers in my heart,

For I met an angel today, so majestically radiant divine,

A moment I will cherish forever, treasured in my hearts deepest mine.

By Stephen Mascarenhas

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