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And Who Is The Poet

By Hardik Jain

Is it someone who sits under a tree,

and look for the sunshine,

that pierces through the leaves.

Is it someone who sits in the crowd,

listen to their thoughts,

and speak to them aloud.

Is it the one who hears singing birds,

trying to figure out what they sing about,

but when he comes near the bird,

alas! They just flew away.

Is it that person,

who fights against himself every day,

to win the life challenges,

but alas ! that person

even forgot to smile today.

I think about this question.

but never find the answer.

but how even I can make a guess that,

The poet is in me,

The poet is in You.

We all are writing our poems.

In our own language,

in our own mother- tongue.

By Hardik Jain

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