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And I Shall Always Miss You

By Pratibha Kapoor

And I shall always miss you...

You were my first friend

The workplace we loved the most

We met and felt like soul sisters

Where laughter love fun ruled

Then our trips to lunches dinners

In-between the years flew by

Distance never mattered

As letters were close by

One click was the email

Then came daily chats..

You were my first friend

The instant connection we had

My heart missed a beat

On hearing you depart

I treasure our friendship of three


Our fond memories

Our laughter our tears

I thought we would grow old together

You left me and have gone

You will always be in my heart

As long as it beats a song

Soul sisters we shall always be

Although trillions of miles apart...

.....for my dearest friend

By Pratibha Kapoor

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lens baad
lens baad
May 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Goes deep into the heart

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