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An Untold Story

By Chahat Gupta

There is this line of shops In Lakkar Bazaar Which is as colourful as it can get With wooden antiques and Delicate jewellery Fast food and an old bakery Handmade bags and shoes and stoles Tiny souvenirs in all variety Just above that row of buzz Is a streak of old bricked spaces Fragile structures Deserted and ashen even Looking completely misplaced With discoloured walls Soft wooden railings

And stained glass windows That have stopped reflecting This vintage mess With its Sepia facade Seems to look like a graveyard Of hundreds of mysteries that no one knows The colours of mirth That now nowhere shows These lightless blocks Scarily empty Might not speak But loom quietly Over all of what That will also similarly One day become an untold story

By Chahat Gupta

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