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An Ode To Childhood

By Sneha Lal Prabhat

An Ode To Childhood

Who was I being you?

a spirit of awe

devoid of pain

spreading joy

make them thaw

and easy gains

in a world of toys

Where are you now?

no more innocence

smiles are fake

heart is heavy

lack of essence

serious mistakes

and feeling empty

What have I become?

a sombre ocean

where emotions swim

memories thrive

and waves are blue

but new boats sink

under the moonless sky

Why did you leave me?

the blood turned colder

I was left charred

no one heard my shout

your spikes grew longer

which pricked them hard

and drove me out

When will I meet you again?

at the dawn of benevolence

with the drizzling of bliss

enhanced by fondness

I stand there as the evidence

that these virtues

still reside in your conscience

By Sneha Lal Prabhat

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