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An Artist

By Anishka Majethia

Amidst the chaos of creating formation

An artist has to struggle to find inspiration,

Amidst bearing the verbal thrust

An artist has to build unbreakable self-trust,

Amidst being counted as one of the unpleasant taints

An artist has to deal with a bagful of constraints,

Amidst the nightmares of ‘What if there’s no response?’

An artist has to keep up and embrace persistence,

Painting is not something just done for fun

It is the ability to transform a yellow spot into the sun,

Painting is not about just moving the brush

It is an art form… more lavish than plush,

Filling in an empty canvas is not just a routine role

The painter has to put in… put in his soul,

And only then can you see the colors abound

While you learn truth… the one truly profound,

Painting seems easy until you dip the brush in color

Whether to make an abstract piece or just a flower,

For it is not just lines, and shapes, and attributes few

It is more about creativity, feelings, and value,

The curves and strokes of orange and blue

Of black, and pink, and the purple hue,

Portrays the painter’s struggle of making it right

Of letting it flow, not holding on too tight,

No artist is a failure; being one itself is success

For it takes courage… courage to express,

It takes patience, and discipline, wisdom, and creativity

For painting is not an activity, but a divinity,

It is not the artists labour that counts, but his vision

It is not the big chunks to be glimpsed, but his precision,

Don’t see brightness of the colours, but the intensity of his thought

For that one thought can give you the meaning of life you sought,

Art is freedom, art is unique

Do not judge, do not critique,

Perceive and learn as you may discern the emotion

For exploring any painting is like a dive in an ocean,

Be it abstract; be it a shape clearly defined

It will always have some ambiguity; it will be undefined,

It depends on your wisdom; of what you perceive

Of what you have experienced and what you believe,

Amidst the spots, the streaks, and smudge

An artist does not let his ambition budge,

Amidst the mistakes and imperfection concerns

An artist has the fire of passion that within him burns,

Amidst the chaos of life and trouble

An artist steps out of the worldly bubble,

Amidst the world of hatred and cease

An artist struggles to find love and peace!

By Anishka Majethia

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