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An Abc Aria

By Brinda Chakraverty

Basking under the sun, I stood on the seashore-

Captivating waves transmitting energy with a roar,

Daylight unfurls with magnificence and diligence,

Engulfing all matter and moment in a divine ambience…

Four seasons sequel, one after the other as planned,

Glaring sun and gleaming moonlight, both with their command.

Hide and seek, set and rise, shade and light,

I realize the enigmatic rhythm from dawn to night.

Joyful jays fly high; in the sea, a flaring fish swims by-

Knowing not where they are from and where they will lie,

Life is a paradoxical ensemble of dance and rhythm,

Meandering itself through the maze of chasm.

Nature teaches us how to be in harmony…

Omnipotent with the power of abundance and symphony!

Phenomenal blending of the five elements of nature,

Quiet amalgamation of earth, fire, space, air, and water.

Revolution and rotation, of celestial bodies in silence

Sun, moon, and the earth, with their unbreakable alliance,

Troughs and crests of waves, high and low of tides-

Unanimously the universe proclaims this reality; to guide

Victory or defeat, win or lose, shadow or light-

Welcome every phase as a challenge and fight,

Xenial attitude and gratitude, makes life meaningful,

Yearn not for riches, but for wisdom in bountiful.

Zestfully, I returned, my mind more powerful…

By Brinda Chakraverty

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