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Ambition’s Folly

By Aarif Khan

In the vast expanse of time's unyielding grip, where mortal hearts aspire,

The dreams of men, like fleeting shadows, dance upon ambition's pyre,

We toil and strive to leave our mark, a legacy etched in stone,

Yet in the grand and cosmic scale, our transient dreams are overthrown.

Upon this Earth, a fragile sphere, afloat in the celestial sea,

We build our monuments to pride, blind to the transitory decree,

The eons pass, relentless, swift, as sand slips through the hourglass,

Our grand designs, like whispers lost, mere echoes in the boundless vast.

With hearts aflame, we forge our path, a journey fraught with strife,

Yet in the grand design of fate, our dreams hold but a fleeting life,

Like gilded leaves in autumn's grasp, we shimmer, fade, and fall,

A testament to the futility of ambition's ephemeral call.

The stars above, eternal guides, bear witness to our transient plight,

As we, the children of the Earth, pursue the elusive dreams of night,

In vain we seek to conquer fate, to bind the hands of time,

Yet in the end, our futile quest, an echo of a distant chime.

In the face of the infinite, where galaxies dance and stars take flight,

Our ambitions pale, mere specks of dust, in the grand celestial light,

But still, the human spirit strives, unyielding, bold, and true,

For even in the face of fate, our dreams propel us to pursue.

In the twilight of our mortal days, as we reflect upon the past,

Let not ambition's folly blind, nor the grand cosmic scale unmask,

For in the heart of every dream, a spark of hope resides,

A testament to the strength of will, a force that time defies.

By Aarif Khan

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