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By Christina Mary John

Adventurous souls are we,

Believing in ourselves and being free.

Confident and courageous enough to soar,

Daring to be different, not afraid to roar.

Earning love and respect wherever we go,

Fear we have, but it helps us grow.

Gentle, graceful and grateful we are,

Happy we are despite our scars.

Inspired and inspiring each other,

Joyful are we as sisters and brothers.

Keen and kind we are forever,

Loving and living and learning to be clever.

Mastering obstacles as they come,

Needless to say, that occasionally we are dumb.

Optimistically grabbing every chance that passes by,

Passionately learning that limit’s the sky.

Queens and Kings in our own right,

Rocks of support, in the darkness a light.

Smiles on our lips and joy we hope to bring,

Thoughts of triumph of which we sing.

Understanding that each is unique,

Valiant mostly, though sometimes meek.

Wisdom of old among us shared,

Xenius are we with experiences soon leaving us prepared.

You and me,

Zealous and adventurous are we.

By Christina Mary John

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