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By Parizad Gaur

Pain and agony, have been stripping me, humiliating me, slitting my wrists and making me ripped from every edge of my body. Sadness and loneliness come back from time to time rising like a phoenix from the orange- reddish ashes, setting the whole place on fire as it opens its wings and fly.

But love and an elated heart, disappears so fast that my eyes look for them everywhere; from the crowded thudding trains to, in the slow movements of hands of the wall clock.

Suddenly and steadily, I run instead of walk, leaving everything and everyone behind, looking at their giant bodies getting smaller and tinnier the further I move and then in no second, I’m alone.

Alone, like in the middle of a dried desert. I walk over the sand dunes with my feet getting buried under the warm ground feeling the small grains of yellow sand, slide in between my skin.

A little three- pettled flower catches my eye, I stumble towards it but the closer I get, the more it gets away from me and I then I realise,

I’m alone with nothingness running through the veins of myself.

By Parizad Gaur

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