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By Nishika Tyagi

When you held my hand

ever so lightly,

as if it was a feather so delicate,

so happy as you’ve touched something sacred,

so curious as it was map to a treasure,

so full as someone getting a meal after days,

so awestruck as if you almost love me.

In that exact moment,

you wanna know my feeling?

Why you? Why me?

Is it what’s called destiny?

Is it even certain or dream?

In that moment I felt more-

more than people feel on popping a bubble wrap

or smelling soil after rain, a new book or map.

And I felt more than when I danced in the rain

and tiny droplets hit me like thousand cold nature’s kisses.

Watching the stars on the spring night from my Nani’s house

in a little village top of the hills while eating mangoes

and the nostalgia of listening to everyone’s stories.

Yes, I felt more than this.

And more than my first crush or kiss

more than any of it.

I felt as if you let go of my hand

A part of me will leave me.

I felt as if I almost love you.

By Nishika Tyagi

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