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By Jinal Mistry

While fixing the freckles of your dress,

A question tugs at its hem,

Eyebrows curled in audacious suspicions,

Asking whether your courtesy smiles,

Linger in the communication of our lines,

Hair slicked back like the edge of your eyes,

That lead me into euphoria of agreement,

We hold hands together as my heels stutter through the hall,

Our minds speak in one joyous creation,

Like eternity of two bodies,

While this dance strikes it's beauty,

Splendour in its grace,voluptuous to its curve,

We are disciplined by their manners,

With love imbibed in those sparks,

Twinging over the undulating waves,

Scintillating in the "Allure" of our existence….

By Jinal Mistry

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