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All In The Mind

By Anishka Majethia

Life will be fire, and you will be on heights

But it will also douse the fire and prepare you for fights,

And then the burning flame, ‘in yourself’ you will find

Believe it or not…it’s all in the mind,

Just like there is a day, there is also a night

But when winter’s there, spring is not far from sight,

Life will bind you, but you can unbind

Believe it or not…it’s all in the mind,

You could be amidst people; you could be alone

You could be known; you could be unknown,

You could be free… you could be confined

Believe it or not… it’s all in the mind,

At times you would be sick, at times healthy

At times you could be broken, at times wealthy,

At times life would be twisted and twined

Believe it or not…it’s all in the mind,

Life will make you laugh; life will make you whine

But in the end… all will be fine,

You know it! This is just to remind

Believe it or not…it’s all in the mind,

By Anishka Majethia

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