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All I Remember

By Ishika Verma

I started to walk on my own first,

But i don't know what will it cost.

Little by little slowly the criteria changed,

I broke my silence as further i engaged.

I saw a night wearing blanket of stars,

Clouds all around making a loud roar,

But the moon was the only king,

The life is about the lucky ring.

Flowers smiled at me giving me the hint,

All i remember was there i have to sprint.

All my fantasies took a huge turn,

All I remember is that I just have to run.

The obstacles were high and low,

But i wasn't ready to break the flow.

All i remember was i have to jump so high,

To tell all the bad happened to me a goodbye.

All I remember is there is a life waiting at end,

And its just a start of your story honey not the end.

By Ishika Verma

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