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Alive By Hope

By Swaathy Ravichandran

Alive as I promised you,

Alive yet all that remains of you is ashes,

Alive so I go on with each day,

Alive but part of me died with you,

Alive still the agony taunts me,

Alive then, now just with a pseudo heart,

Alive with a void that numbs my whole being,

Alive in the sense of a beating heart,

Alive inside a self-confined prison,

Alive without other alive beings around,


Alive with the love of a mother,

Alive with the companionship of a sibling,

Alive with the serene love of a father,

Alive, every time I write,

Alive every time Tree fills up my vision,

Alive sometimes when your memory surfaces,

Alive so I can travel around the world,

Alive for the small joys that await me,

Alive at last, truly Alive,

Alive by the hope of a kinder future,

Alive, Alive, Alive,

Alive, Thank god, I AM ALIVE.

By Swaathy Ravichandran

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