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The New Normal

Updated: May 16


By God, what is this it savages, our eyes cannot see?

It has a vicious look with a crown, Oh, it cannot be!

The world was oblivious and fighting minor battles,

Little did it know; it invades humans even in castles!

It is a ‘PANDEMIC’ they call it now,

Stop being arrogant and take a small bow!

Nature, it shows, could not have been more furious,

The experts are hustling, they could not be more curious!

It seems a repeat of a hundred years ago,

It is unknown what we own and what we have to forgo!

It seems to change much of normal life,

It has put many a mind and soul, truly in strife!

A new normal seems to be emerging,

With ‘distance’ and ‘masks’; people hardly converging!

The warm hugs and kisses are no longer so ‘hot’,

A salute, a Namaste, a wave is all we’ve got!

It was a lone battle when it started all out,

We now have a weapon, but it is still far out!

We must keep hope, we have but no choice,

The end will come soon and with it, time to rejoice!

Hold onto your loved ones, ones who genuinely care,

Staying at home in patience and prayer is the least one should bear!

Keeping others at bay is an ironic protection,

For if you catch it, there is no scope for course correction!

What else can we do than to pray and pray,

It is God’s bidding, and we fear, ever to go astray!

There are many humans, but humanity is dearth,

Where else have we got a chance to repair, but only on this good old Earth!


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