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By Madhvi Sharma

You know loving someone consumes every inch of your soul your heart and every nerves to handle that feeling of being in love and to handle the pain that someone can give and cure at the same moment, and loving someone takes all that you had inside of you, you change with every confusing feeling to a more loved one, every inch of your body wants to feel the touch and warmth of someone you love, and that's how love consumes you, you can be hurt you can be in pain but the feeling of love cannot be changed, and that is the love which I

have for you, confused, changing but growing till every second, and that's what it is, I want you to come out of your darkness live the feeling of goodness, In the cold breeze want to warm you with my feel, I want you to enjoy every second and want to have a memory like no one can, I want you to feel the love which u never felt, for some moments I want you to forgive your fear and look into my deep eyes, the eyes which speaks of the feelings which I never confess, the feelings that can pour out the darkness inside a soft soul, every moment every night and every inch of my heart wants to make you feel every utterly feeling that I have, because love can make you feel like no other feeling in this world can, which requires you n just you without any fear to enter into the world of epic love.

By Madhvi Sharma

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