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By Sneha Kisan Jagtap

An advertisement is an announcement evident in newspapers, posters but most likely television in order to promote an event or product or gather awareness towards something. An advertisement consist of various structures and techniques of persuasion that accomplish the purpose of promotion to a deeper extend and to create an emotional response. The utilization of these various things has not only contributed to an increased investment in products but has also enabled the ability to leave remarkable impacts on its audience making the memory sustained. The purpose of advertising is known to be a vehicle to move forward the agenda or image of a person, group, organization or event. Advertising serves everything from politics to social consciousness to get across a message. A clever advertiser knows how to squeeze money even from a miserly consumer.

Advertisement has its advantages. They are the life-line of business today. The idea began towards the late twentieth century and gained immense popularity among business communities as the sound of global recognition is a music to anyone’s ears. Advertisement brings profit to the producers and offer a wide choice for the public. Organization’s can decentralize the decisions and budgets and use the local advertising agencies. Therefore global advertising is a communication process as a result of existing in different cultures that have different values, communication styles and consumption patterns. Global advertising can also be seen as business practice with advertisers and the advertising agencies which generate advertisements and buy media in other states The main area of interest for advertising is to increase their sales demand for the product by presenting a decorative puffed and colorful as they claim that their product is the best behaving unique qualities. Versatility is the another advantage.

Even though there are so many advantages for companies in the advertisement industry. It does have some challenges for men all over the world. Among them is the issue of language, culture to name a few. Advertisement is a sort of day dreaming for people. These days it is taking the people away from reality and into the realm of artificiality. Measurement problems audience characteristics, clutter, potential for deception costs, limited production quality, poor reach and lack of intrusiveness. Many a times distorted version of reality is shown in the advertising. Believing in advertising consumers buy the product on its use, they feel cheated. Objectionable pictures are used in the advertising in order to attract a particular class. They may be insulting to a particular class. It causes decay of social values.

An ethical advertising is one thing that doesn’t lie or make false claim and is in the limits of decency. They just don’t understand and are unable to decide what is correct or what is wrong. Ethics in advertising is directly related to the purpose of advertising and the nature of advertising. With the growth of new techniques, advertisements have taken a new shape. Novelty of ideas is reflected in the advertisements. The motive of advertisement should be public service and not private again. If this motive is present, advertisements can do good to producers and consumers.

By Sneha Kisan Jagtap

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