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By Ananya Sarkar

The wheel of time twists violently,

Leaving behind scratches on the surface of the clock

While forlorn memories get buried under the dunes of decay

Lacing a forgotten soul with the solace of melancholy,

Glazed with sophisticated cracks on the empty heart

Menacing with grief in a state of absolute isolation.

Losing sight of the freak show around myself,

I peep into the distant dark, not too far away

Where exists a graveyard of childhood dreams

Now turned into fossils etched with nightmarish screams of agony;

The future is just a turn of the doorknob away

And it heavily petrifies me to step into a dimension unpredictable.

I hear a maniacal laughter nearby, turning around to see

Adomania leaking into my soul dangerously,

Pushing me further away from the glassy reminisces

Of every little thing that is forever bygone,

Watching them crumble to dust,

One at a time, like ruins wrapped in anciency.

By Ananya Sarkar

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