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Aching For You

By Syed Mohammad Ismail Quli

The ache within my heart still lingers,

The memory of you, my love, still triggers,

A longing that consumes and still figures,

Why our love couldn't sustain and only flickers.

The sound of your voice, the touch of your skin,

The warmth of your embrace that drew me in,

All now distant memories and within,

My heart still yearns for what could have been.

The pain of missing you consumes my soul,

A wound that never seems to take its toll,

A love that left me incomplete and unwhole,

And left me to ponder on my role.

I miss the way you held my hand,

The way you made me feel so grand,

But now I'm left with an empty stand,

Wondering if our love was a mere strand.

But even though our love is now no more,

The memory of it I'll always adore,

And the ache of missing you forevermore,

Is a testament to the love we once bore.

So here I am, with a heart that aches,

Trying to move on from love's mistakes,

But the memory of you still overtakes,

Leaving me with an ache that forever stakes.

By Syed Mohammad Ismail Quli

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