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By Safa Peshimam (Kalopsia Wiz)

Can you not hear the cry of the one abused?

Of the one with a mind so confused.

Tears rolling down their cheeks,

Trying every possible learnt technique.

Scars so deep bleeding on her skin,

While he looks at it with a shameless grin.

Her loud screams so unheard,

Vision so blurred.

Can you not hear the cry of the one abused?

For every innocent cry, she is thrashed.

All hopes of safety is sucked out of her mind,

In a world so huge, she feels confined.

Abused, till she refuses to give in,

That’s how the fear is built-in.

Is no child safe?

Is there no safety for the most precious

creation on Earth?

By Safa Peshimam (Kalopsia Wiz)

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