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Absurdity And Curiosity

By Drishtee Shah

at the age of five when i first licked the lid of an ice cream container

i realized life at times is absurd

and this absurdity, to me, came in all forms of my existence

when i tied my own hair at the innocent age of nine, my dangly ponytail shrouded me in an eerie blanket of warmth

i learned that sometimes the irreverence of a seemingly long journey remains unchallenged by the strings pulling at my feeble heart

i was fourteen when i read a prose so awe inspiring,

my morals began to crumble like a homemade biscuit soaked in a warm bath of tea

maybe this inquisitiveness in me yearns to duel the now unwanted insanity

grabbing a pair of vibrant blue scissors i severed my ties with the blanket that threatened my idea of being different

the prose spoke to me about the futility of curiosity and how it only prolonged an inevitable prophecy

i turned eighteen last thursday, i don't lick ice cream lids anymore

the constant brawl that ignites the flames of confusion in my mind is getting slightly hazy

it's hard to see past the blurring lines of what is and what's not anymore

i spent around four hours talking to myself,

as the rain slowly clogged the lanes outside my house

absurdity flowed in like a terrifying tsunami

this strange dilemma, the only question that mars my soul

what if curiosity is just a mangled reflection of absurdity?

i believe i am a bit wiser now,

as i conclude my long monologue at sight of a beautiful dawn

looking over to the now drying pavement that glistens under the flickering light of a lamp post, i see the answer once and for all

absurdity causes a necessary mayhem

and curiosity cleanses this disruptive road

so i guess, the only fundamental that truly matters

is a breathtakingly harmonious blend of

concepts that might not be each other’s bane after all.

By Drishtee Shah

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