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A Walk To Remember

By K S Raja

It was a dawn

when I stepped into the lawn,

washed my foot

with all its grass and dew.

As carpet of green

welcoming poor even been.

Yes, It was an air

pushed me here,

How naughty?

the way I admire!

Like a free bird

as far as I hear,

Only few could bother

No, none could repair!

Causes disease from the air inhale,

Shows the disease from air exhale!

Isn't a Doctor?

Even a man of evil or of stone hearted civil,

Punish him cry by the dust which fly!

Isn’t a Lawyer?

Seeking for job but in vain

Running in hope with no complain!

Isn’t an Engineer?

An uneducated genius,

works round the clock

All with free of cost!

Naughty like Child

Makes home dirty

How fails?

Upskirt and feels her thigh

This is the way seduce his wife!

Lovely husband.

A price for Farmers sweat

Cools him so sweet!

A diehard fan.

Take things and run away

Drop somewhere while chasing the way!

A fighting brother.

Of Sisters deer’s run.

Like Father

full of snore at night.

As Mother

Combing hair light.

In many disguise

Walking with us all round the clock!

It was a dawn

When I stepped into the lawn

How word flows while she holding my hands,

Then Do I stop my mind?

Took a walk again!

A nice walk to remember!

By K S Raja

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