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A Visit To Waterfall

By Chaitali Deepesh Sinha

On mutual decision, we decided to visit the place,

I prepared myself to enjoy in my mental space.

We reached there and climbed down the stairs,

To get wet, we kept extra clothes pairs.

While going down we saw wonderful scenery,

In every direction we moved our eyes, there was greenery.

Reaching the point we saw the waterfall,

At a corner there was shop that was small.

We went in the water till the end zone,

Letting water reach our skull and bone.

We laughed, played and drowned in water,

Waterfall was like a heavenly father.

Rain also blessed us with its arrival,

As the destination we visited today was final.

"Preet" had an amazing time at all places of Bali,

Thanks to the group who gave us feel of a family.

By Chaitali Deepesh Sinha

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