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A Vision Of The Three Worlds

By Brinda Chakraverty

The fluffy powdered snow fell with a thump, from the conical trees,

A shrewd hunter galloping by was graced upon the celestial keys-

To open a whole unfamiliar world, the keys to the Doors of Death,

Would be able to survive? Or would it be his final breath?

An aura of dark desires and sinful crimes,

Amongst the dried rosemary and thyme-

The death dancing with each crinkling of feet

Going on and on, not skipping a single beat

The usually serious hunter turned as white as sheet,

There was no fire, but an unnatural chilling heat

However, he moved on with every heavy move,

Leaving behind footprints, of his sole grooves

The uncanny voices whispering in his head,

Despair and stories of how they met their end…

But then, a door appeared, different from the first,

The hunter in a state of panic pushed it applying a thrust…

And then oh my, a vibrant world was what he saw,

He simply stood gaping at it with awe…

Unicorns and a castle, straight out of a fairy tale-

This world was complete, intricate without a fail…

Rosemary and thyme blossoming in the grass,

There was a bridge, made of a unique blue brass

It was beauty he witnessed, another side to the other,

Oh, how he wished to bring his five-year-old brother!

A unicorn then came up, but with the same voice of the devil,

“Do not get fooled by faces, human, I’m the true evil”

The hunter screamed shrieked all the way,

The unicorn and the whole world melted away.

His voice echoed through the darkness, as he fell from a height

Even through the darkness, it was there, the comforting light,

He held open his arms, and embraced it with his last spurt,

He fell on the ground of the world, surprisingly unhurt…

Panting and wheezing, he stood up on the mountain road,

He thought about what to him the Lord himself showed

In dark times, there is always a little candle flame burning inside,

When that sets you on fire, there is no reason to sit back and hide!

By Brinda Chakraverty

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