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A Thank You Note

By Prathishta Diwakar

That first step 5 years back

Into the unknown unsettling void

Apprehensive, terrified, hopeful,

On the outside tried to be poised.

Where first impressions matter

And yet they eventually don't

5 years isn't a short time

That mask how long can you uphold.

Ups and down, laughter and tears

Waves of emotion can't be sailed alone,

You were there to hold my hand

Come storms, avalanches or a cyclone

You made the summer brighter,

With you the winter's less dreary.

The silliness wasn't awkward anymore

And the dark nights less eerie.

Friendship is a beautiful word

But even that falls short

To describe friends like you who

Come with unending love and support.

The chapter ends here its true

But there's lots more yet to come

Friendships like this don't end

They make our spirits thrum.

By Prathishta Diwakar

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