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A Teary Smile

By Aayushi

When I was 8:

I won first prize in the race competition and rushed to the hospital with a medal hanging around my neck to show it to my mom laying on the bed, left in a coma for the past five years. I smiled looking at the medal and her, but she didn’t.

When I reached 15:

I topped my class and was awarded a scholarship of 1 lac rupees. I bought a new red color saree for her though I didn’t know which color was her favorite. I imagined her wearing it and smiled, but she didn’t.

When I turned 25:

I decided to move to the border to protect my mother country from neighboring enemies. Before leaving I touched my mom’s feet and smiled, but she didn’t.

After a few days :

I was killed by a gunshot. My dead body was brought to the same hospital and was placed right next to my mom. There was a smile on my face. still, she didn’t.

After a few minutes, doctors found a teardrop on my mom’s pillow falling from her eyes.

Looking at my mom’s reaction from heaven: I smiled, but she decided not to!

By Aayushi

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