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A Talk With Mother

By Ishita Dhanda

I’m happy, mother

Everyone called me pretty, mother

I made friends in just a day

I seem to get my way

I asked them why am I pretty

They said that I’m slim and fair

They said that because I have long hair

That’s all they said, mother

I’m sad, mother

Everyone called her ugly, mother

She didn’t make a single friend

She has to sit always at the end

I asked them why is she ugly

They said she was fat and had scars

They said she dresses bizarre

That’s all they said, mother

I’m angry, mother

The ugly girl is funnier, mother

She’s sweeter than anyone else

She knows stories about elves

They bullied her

They pulled her hair

She stood up again, mother

I’m impressed, mother

The ugly girl is strong, mother

She’s is stronger than me

I don’t agree

She’s not ugly if she doesn’t blend

So I asked her to be my friend

We became friends, mother

I’m scared, mother

They stare at me like vultures, mother

They want to be with me

Just because they find me pretty

They don’t want to talk

They just like to stalk

They make me conscious, mother

I’m confused, mother

Whether to be grateful or feel cursed, mother

I don’t get bullied

But some have vulture eyes

I have a lot of friends

But most don’t even know how my name ends

Why am I reduced to looks, mother

Why don’t they care about my mind, mother

I’m just a little girl, mother

I don’t know what’s pretty what’s ugly, mother

I don’t want to be pretty or ugly, mother

I want to be kind, mother

By Ishita Dhanda

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