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A Sunken Friendship

By Rachana Murthy

So everything comes down to this

All the past , Polaroids and puns and every little thing I might miss

I know your favourite songs and your dreams and fears

I know how your mood changes and how to stop those tears

we made up our own secret language that no one else knows

And you say you’re not afraid of horror but I know you’d rather watch those sappy rom com shows

Everyone knows that I hate team sports, but you’re the only one who knows why

And I know how much you love singing, but if it’s in public you’d rather die

My sentences are still scattered with the phrases you’d always say

I crack a joke that only you’d get, and I remember you’re not here, and nothing is ok

Now with all this information what do I do?

How on earth am I supposed to unlearn you?

Best friends to strangers , the worst trope in existence

I never thought our journey would be met with such resistance

You had become my most favourite habit

Now I’m hoping there’s a 12 step program to break it

Now whose face do I search for in a crowded room.

And who do I call when I’m under the weather or over the moon

God I miss you so much with every fibre of my being

I want to build a Time Machine and undo my undoing

My go to person is gone and has taken a chunk of me with them too

And I’m left wondering if you’re feeling empty like how I do

By Rachana Murthy

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