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A Summer Daydream

By Sameerah Nisha Sultana

A Sunday morning filled with fresh life and lots of good vibe, After days of continuous heavy and stormy nights. Making my heart sing with grateful joy and an utter delight, To see and enjoy the oh-so-beautiful heavenly sight.

Flowers colouring the atmosphere with its vibrant light, Trees swaying their limbs from left to right, Birds singing their own melody with utmost pride, Bees humming and feasting, enjoying their playful ride, Oh, what a wonderful scene this day has provide!

I take my cup of tea as I sit down on my lawn, to let the time seize, While I enjoy some minutes of this calm. The Sun who says, "hello", Kissing my palish face yellow. As I breathe with a heavy sigh, Hoping that this moment stays and never goes by...

By Sameerah Nisha Sultana

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