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A Story Of The Newspaper

By Archana Ramachandran

I grant ,

Sensational news in my page one, To persuade the curious ones.

Interesting ads in the second. To please the extravagants.

Tearful condolences in the third, To commemorate the absence of the died.

Important announcements in the fourth, To alert the ignorants.

And then,

Fifth page of mine is full of red, With the murdered ones blood .

Sixth is my editor’s choice, He speaks on his own voice.

Next I move on to business

That follows by riddles and puzzles.

I can’t quit with these alone, Have some more thefts, rapes and controversies, It goes on for few sides. With some gossips and cinemas.

I can’t end with these, Sports is on the crease.

By Archana Ramachandran

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