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A Sniff Of Uncertainty

By Barsha Priyadarshini

As the days of Autumn drifted by

I looked at the dusky sky, little often

The days were rushing short

And the sunsets were pretty enough

To stop by and see it bowing down to earth.

After moments a few,

Darker the night grew

I walked past the end street of the busy town

Serene was my path until an owl hooted with a frown.

It sat on the branch of a tree I have never heard of

Tall and dense as it seemed

Some leaves fallen and dead

Faded yellow a season ago

Losing pigments like it never owned

Still green leaves adorned now with flowers in play

Blooming like a sphere of filaments with a tint of grey.

I don't remember clearly now

But I remember, I was wafted by it's scent

Smelling something new that day.

I paused there sinking in the divine company of a delightful odour

Never thinking of something comparable to this.

I never tried to learn about this species

and I hope I never find any

Totally forgetting the evening, that essence.

So that on one such cold winter evening

I will find a way back to walk past that street

Drawn to that scent all over again

As if I never had my nose sniff anything like that before.

By Barsha Priyadarshini

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