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A Silent Girl In The ‘City of Dreams’

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

By K Gauri

A silent little girl enters the city of dreams,

unaware of its language, race and culture.

'City of dreams', as the name implies, is full of colours, aspirations and undeniably new people!

The causes of bewilderment were many, didn't she have answers to any,

"Tumhara naam kya hai?" is all she knew back then,

A corner of the class was her peaceful den.

Can I not ever make friends?

Am I that bad with communication?

Did you ever speak, asked the people who surrounded.

My importance in school was just mere.

The reason, I understood, was inability to speak in Hindi and that just brought in fear.

But not everything remains dark forever as my mother said. There came a competition named Elocution as the notice read.

I spoke what I felt but not in Hindi. That was my first live appearance in front of the same strange audience back in school.

Who would have believed that I can bag a prize in a speech competition?

The same girl who labelled herself an introvert had now known the thin line of difference between speaking and communication!

Get your point across, enlighten the crowd with your wisdom, and confess feelings to someone special. The key is to communicate in the full sense and not the language you speak in.

PS: Yes, that girl is me.

By K Gauri

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