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A Short Tale

By Ishika Verma

She surrounded herself with the darkness,

Cause this world made her life mess.

She wasn’t born heart broken with tears,

She only tried to overcome her every fear.

She grew up with a smile and a hope in her eyes,

But she didn’t knew the reality when time flies.

The fire the desire she always had died,

She will not able to build it up even if she tried.

What to do what not to do is a quiz I guess,

These people with mask on are obsessed.

Every time she let someone in her heart,

That peeps seems to be over smart.

They made her realized trusting is a mistake,

Will she ever forget the past and be awake?

It’s a short tale with deep talks all around,

Let’s see if answers to her question are found.

Oh lord thank you for holding her up,

Cause this egoistic world will never stop.

Just keep showing her a right way to walk on,

Cheers to the karma and don’t think come on.

By Ishika Verma

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