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A Shark And An Owl

By Jyoticaa Verma

It’s an old tale

About an owl and a shark male

I would love to fill you in on the details

As it wasn’t any less than a fairy tale

Although they were worlds apart

But their hearts knew the same kind of art

An evolved shark is what he used to call himself

Therefore One could find him on the continental shelf

As a matter of fact

He could walk on land

Going on trips unplanned

And just like that one day

He met an owl midway

She was just like him

But didn’t know how to swim

There was something in the air

Yet they didn’t seem to care

And just like that the shark was gone

His place was taken by the dawn

There’s so much more to the tale

To talk about her wings and his scales

But what they had can’t be expressed

So will let it stay buried in the owl’s nest

And this is how the tale ends

But their time together was well spent

By Jyoticaa Verma

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