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A Shade of Gray

By Amitrajit Sarkar

Amidst all the hustle and bustle there reign a calmness

That none could ever touch

The soul purest of pure vibrates the happiness from within

A living being so dazzling becomes everyone's dear

Should not conjure up anything obscene

Should not hold a picture so lustfully heinous

Let it blooms to its fullest spreading its rosy petals towards the light that enlighten the the little entity

Nothing is poor little thing

Nothing is less powerful

Only the perception that makes all the difference

As it holds the power of the eternity

Even can change the course of your life for good

You remain incomplete from all the perspective

A connection is made from the day you are born

And still remains unchanged still the day you demise

Restrain from harming

Let there be sunshine so cozy so roses

Let there be shadow from the scorching heat

Let the breeze hum the song

Let the wave breaks on sea shore and whisper how the happiness is brought into a life on the edge of collapsing

By Amitrajit Sarkar

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