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A Rewarding Diwali

By Aayushi

“Diwali is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Ram! Grandma started narrating.

“The same story of boring Ram! Not again Dadi.” 7-year old Diya interrupted her grandma lying on the bed.

“You have been telling his stories since Dussehra! Please tell me a different one. You can try one from my Cindrella short stories book ”, Diya added.

“On this day Ram returned to his people after 14 years…” Ignoring Diya’s words grandma continued. Diya had no choice but to listen to her Dadi.

Just then, Diya’s mother tapped Diya’s shoulders and applied a break on her thoughts of the past. Diya hurriedly looked around.

An announcement was made again:

“8-year old Diya Mathur is the winner of the Essay writing competition conducted on the topic, why do we celebrate Diwali. Diya please come on stage to collect your prize."

Diya went on stage with her mother.

After receiving a medal and certificate Diya opened her late grandma’s photo in her mother’s mobile and said “Thanks, Dadi! By the way, Ram is not so boring!"

By Aayushi

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