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A Place Of No Restrictions

By Barkha Poptani

Do you know a place like this ?

A place, any cottage, a motel would do too

Just not a cage of gold with the free birds inside of due

May someone find a place of no restrictions, no overpriced products and less overview of the none

A place where even the freedom is free, the deliverance is released

The solitude is free from the liberation of the truths, the stars are free from the constellations if they could

The clouds made shapes up in the sky and the animals just flew in the pure wind in hood

A place with no restrictions, a place of birth

A place of heavenly bodies and the evil eye count

Free from the weakness, freed from the rest, no win nor loose, done with the mess

Just a strong person, a huge in inside, a large giant heart devoted to all.

By Barkha Poptani

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