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A Peaceful Paradise

By Kashish Kochar

An intellectual feeling that slides in when something extraordinarily hits or happens. We have many hopes that are fulfilled at the right time. Imagining great things wouldn’t work unless we have the capability to transform the essentials into high pacing involvements. For many of us a paradise is a place of our comfort zone, isn’t it!? We like to be a part of this desirous belief that establishes a beautiful connection between the present and the past. A peaceful paradise can have different meanings, however here in this contextual space, for me, it refers to how amazingly we enjoy our space of living or working. 

Generously this refers to how I enjoy being at work, or how my field of work provides immense happiness. My paradise is solely related to this theme of enjoying writing the most.

Yes, being s creative write is a matter of pride for me. There are so many assumptions or fictional happenings that have a room for explanation under my field of work and experience. I write about all genres; then may those be dependent on different themes or isolated behaviours. Everything has a role to play in society and bringing all of it into one frame and presenting it in your own way of words is fascinating. Presentation of skills require courage and confidence, if we are talking about something fictional too, in my field, that fiction must have a base for explaining the hidden colloquial meaning of it. I enjoy my work space and this is why for me, its my paradise where I get peace. Creative elements have an inspiring role too. Depending on how we build things from our surrounding and how those natural behaviours are captured cultivates the real meaning of being at your comfort zone. 

Beauty lies within yourself, just a glimpse at your hidden worth can make happenings look more natural yet believable.

By Kashish Kochar

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