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A Part Of Me Still Does

By Zelam Thanawala

Here there everywhere

I find bits and pieces of my mind

Scattered all over the place

Sadly lost in the grind.

I dreamt as a child

Of freedom and running wild,

And then life hit,

And I lost my sight.

I wanted to win

A part of me still does..

Then there was no fear

Of falling and failing,

I could run around ledges

Without a railing.

I would bounce back from the dirt

And there was no pain from being hurt

I wanted to win,

A part of me still does.

I had faith in the shooting star

I believed if i tried,

I'd go really far!

No one could tell me otherwise,

I alone was enough,

I was my own prize!

I wanted to win,

A part of me still does..

Up and down on an untrodden path,

Without a thought for a possible aftermath,

I was brave and unafraid,

When i could barely eat a meal without any aid!

I wanted to win

A part of me still does.

Somewhere along the way I grew up,

Apprehensions and fears filled me up!

And though I was independent now,

My mind was not free,

No matter how much i tried,

It wouldn't let me be.

Growing up took away my dream,

Somewhere my eyes lost their gleam.

But I wanted to win,

A part of me still does.

By Zelam Thanawala

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