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A Normal Day I Thought, A Special Day It Went;

By Daksh Singh

A normal day I thought, a special day it went;

Some other way it seemed, some other way it meant.

I was walking down the past as usual, suddenly my eyes saw you;

You were with your friends and I was with my friends too.

For a moment, I felt something which is totally unexplainable;

I had never gone through that feeling so I didn’t know how to react on it.

Over the days, months, years; I saw you many times;

And probably sometimes, you also gave me a look.

There were words which weren’t in my mind but in my heart;

I could feel that suffocation inside so I used to go to some free space.

One fine day, when the sun was setting and everyone started disappearing;

The chilly winds were piercing through my clothes but it felt like piercing through me.

I used to be on every new page of life with each day that was passing;

And a voice of words unintentionally buried in the flipped over pages.

I always wished to talk to you for once, but

You never looked free since you were always around your friends;

And I never told you about this since I never able to.

Words that I carried for you, ate it myself.

By Daksh Singh

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