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A New Day

By Haimanti Dutta Ray

Cacophony of blaring horns

Gives way to birds’ chirpings

A new day’s arrived –

The day’s newness cleanses the night darkness

Just like rays of hope illuminate

Faces shrouded with waking nightmares.

Lifestyles have changed long since

We sleep late, also wake up late –

Health, wealth and wisdom are kindred spirits

Wise are those who wrap healthily, wealthy imprints –

By so doing, men feel that they’ve ensured their places near Heaven’s gate.

Night bulbs were shining brightly to my right

I knew not when sleep overcame my eyesight,

In the world of dreams, I met my gallant knight

I let my thoughts roam on chords of a kite.

Dawn brought me to complete wakefulness

The wakeup birdcalls removed all sleepiness

Rubbing my eyes, I welcomed the day’s happiness

I and my kin are alive – that alone is God’s kindness.

By Haimanti Dutta Ray

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