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A Musing Song

By Inderpreet Kaur

There is madness humming inside my head, and I desire you in daylight and darkness; I can see the wonders of your smile, and how my heart skips every time, you grin.

The whispers of your sweetest songs in my ears are causing unhingedness. I could feel every touch of you relieving the aches of my mind and body.

Those eyes became a mystery with each passing second, and my reason to crave more. I dream and daydream;

The ties of loneliness are suffocating; where time is fleeting, and your heart dripping inside my head.

I could feel, you walking beside me, but I realized you were a mirage.

A beautifully crafted mirage full of mysteries; my reason for the madness, but my idea of cure!

You are the insanity for my devastating brain and a rhythmic perfection for the fondness of my heart.

Are you a musing song? Or, am I still dreaming?

By Inderpreet Kaur

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