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A Murderous Suicide - A Poem Expressing My Views On The Demise of Sushant Singh Rajput

By Mili Mahajan

Let's pretend it...

A cut for the long right journey

We'll pretend to look happy and desired

We'll hand you the work

The kind of craft, just limited to the social bounds we've experienced!

Oh you didn't get it?!

Like the pretence of being happy in our flamboyant lifestyles and cushioned surroundings and the structures which towers all the buildings and mock them... we'd hand you that

And in return, you scratch our backs

Appreciate the sullen trite work we throw your way and make us your Gods

and don't forget to put out the word for our greatness

We'll call this arrangement our "fraternity"

We'll call our insurance a family bond

And yes

More importantly

No matter how scared you are when you see the unmasked showcasing their talents

Don't take off your masks just because you're fragile

Rather hold it tighter than ever

Because pretension is the key

We'll block the road until they're dark in their directions

And lost in their senses

And you,

You just keep the pretension up

The pretension that their work Lacks luster and is kind of rubbish we get

That would make the strangulation the easiest

We won't under-appreciate them

Oh no...

That's against our what we call our class

But a blind eye is what is our key to take their air

To make them grieve

We'll throw all our sparkles in the eyes of public

Because our reality is...

Let's go with "hideous"

So let our brotherhood shine the light so bright so the public is in illusion

And with this, the hope of the real talent is butchered



Did you hear the latest news

That boy killed himself

Oh my!!

The poor soul

Isn't he the same guy who came to us for work

We shoved him away because of the unfamiliarity of his background

That's the way of our business

God knows why he took such a drastic step

Hey , hand me the mask of pretence

I need to go out and put some of my condolences in the minds of the blind eyes people

That's my way of murder

By Mili Mahajan

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