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A Mother Is Born Too.

Updated: 4 days ago

By Uvanjelin Nithya I

One fine morning, I woke up not knowing, The news that the two stripes showing - An unfathomable new life inside growing, Would forever change my life, body and being.

Was the life just by an egg and sperm? No, how can it be? I could affirm - A life cannot be formed by a random collision; Only the hands of the Grand Weaver could fashion.

Though we've not seen, neither spoken, A chord of love between us was woven. Oft was I lost thinking of this creation new, Amazing it's to feel a body with life of two!

Albeit usual were hospitals and ultrasound, That moment- a sound made me astound! When I heard his heartbeat for the first time, My heart skipped a beat in the truth sublime.

Despite hormones' harmonies and morning sickness, Deep love's mystery was unfolding within us.

His movement - felt like fluttering butterflies. Secretly, I was trying to spot where he lies...

My heart and flesh were preparing for the birth Of the baby and the mother with wonder and mirth. Counting the weeks, witnessing the growth Of the baby inside, mother outside - oft'n both.

As the day of "the date" nears... I was expectant with joy and fears. Was it Braxton Hicks or labor contraction? Everytime in pain, I counted the time of action.

The pain persisted, rushed to the hospital. Be it anyway, normal or critical, Surrendered to whatever God brings, As we were gonna see our beloved offspring.

I could hear his first cry, ev'n in sedation. From womb to the world, made his transition. Received we in hands, the fruit of our love; Held, kissed, gazed in wonder and awe.

Not just the baby, a mother is born too!

Not just the baby, a mother is born too, For she enters a new phase of womanhood. As the baby, so I learnt everything afresh. Here's a glimpse of my initial mothering days.

Tired, exhausted and weary; Always on a feeding spree. Whenever I heard a sound of cry, Question of hunger or sleep and what to try?

Stay calm and stay peaceful, Don't be anxious just be careful... Are the words I kept repeating To the mind that never stopped anticipating.

How to make sleep, burp and feed Were my research topics to read. Many people, many opinions and advice; Was praying to discern and be wise.

Poured out the emotions and vented, To the dear man I am knitted. Was Working, bearing and caring... Hoping it would be okay the next morning!

But... These aches and pains would fly a mile On seeing his face with a radiant smile! When I hug him to my bosom, New hopes and joy would blossom!

I feel this is indeed God's plan

To wait, watch, toil and learn,

The art of parenting and language of love,

With strength and grace from above!!

By Uvanjelin Nithya I

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