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A Mother Awaiting Her Child

By Devika

Come, dive deep into me, oh! darling,

Will you?

I'm an ocean filled with holy nectar.

Let me quench your childhood's thirst,

And kiss your forehead with pleasant dreams.

You can sleep on my faithful lap,

And soar over magical lands

Listening to the rhythm of the Pegasus's wings.

When the ghosts of your past arrive to menace you,

I will place you in my warm womb.

I will nurture your languished parts.

You can play in my gardens and paddle in my lakes.

You can sing with the birds,

Even if you forget the last phrase.

There are flowers to caress you,

And the cool breeze that will console you.

All that you yearn is there within me, dear.

To revive yourself,

Just run to my secure embrace, oh! darling,

Will you?

I'm Gaia, the mother earth.

I'm a mother awaiting her valuable child.

By Devika

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