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A Monkey's Escape

By Kavya Venkateshwaran

In a moving train, a monkey sits,

Caged within his restricted boundary,

To break free, he throws all the fits,

His tamer sits beside, satisfied with the iron foundry,

As days pass, the monkey learns,

That he must dance to his master’s bidding,

In return, it is food that he earns,

Freedom, the master is still forbidding.

Tied around his neck, is a rope,

The other end of which, his mater holds,

The money performs amidst a crowd with the hope,

That one day, he’ll break free from the folds.

And so the day of becoming comes,

An unexpected chance of escape,

The rope is finally removed by the tamer’s thumbs,

As the monkey looks towards his fate.

A sudden revelation, the little ape gets,

“And where would I go?” wonders he,

He is more accustomed to captivity than he lets,

No one will drop him crumbs for free.

To this day, the monkey continues to dance,

He pleases the crowd from street to street,

No collar, but he still wouldn’t take the chance,

For now, the wild does not seem so sweet.

By Kavya Venkateshwaran

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