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A Master’s Wisdom

By Aarif Khan

In the hallowed halls of learning, where knowledge seeks its refuge,

An aged master, his wisdom vast, like an ocean's timeless surge,

Didst summon forth his eager charge, an apprentice in life's grand design,

And thus began his sage discourse, a tapestry of truth to entwine.

"My child," he spoke, his voice a river, steady, deep, and clear,

"Life's journey, like the shifting sands, is fickle, swift, and sheer,

Tread lightly in the footsteps of those who've walked before,

For every path is fraught with peril, and every door, a secret lore."

"Your heart, a compass, true and strong, let it guide your course,

For like the stars that pierce the night, it shall not lead you to remorse,

Yet beware the siren's call, the temptress sweet and fair,

For like the rose that hides its thorns, her beauty doth ensnare."

"Fortune, like the fickle wind, may change her favor fast,

A gentle breeze that lifts you high, or a storm that leaves you cast,

Seek not in her capricious arms, solace or respite from your plight,

For like the shadows of the day, she vanishes with the night."

"Your mind, a fortress, honed and sharp, a weapon in your hand,

Like the blacksmith's tempered steel, it can shape or shatter, understand,

Nurture it with wisdom's wine, and fill its vaults with truth,

For like the sun that conquers night, it shall guide you through your youth."

"Love, a force, both fierce and tender, a fire that knows no bounds,

Like the mighty ocean's swell, in its embrace, our spirit drowns,

Give freely of your heart, my child, let love's sweet song resound,

For like the rivers to the sea, our souls seek love unbound."

"Finally, my dear apprentice, in this world of strife and pain,

Hold fast to hope, a beacon bright, a lantern in the rain,

For like the phoenix from the ashes, hope shall lift us high,

A promise of tomorrow's dawn, a light that shall not die."

In the silence of the hall, the master's words didst echo,

A lesson steeped in wisdom, the truth of life to show,

For in the allegory of the master, a map of life's grand scheme,

The apprentice found his compass, and the courage to pursue his dream.

By Aarif Khan

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