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A Love Story

By Tanushi Singh

There was once a boy

who felt too much

but spoke not much

until he found a girl

with her, he felt at ease

Their connection almost like a dream !

They grew together

It wasnt easy

Distance stood constantly in between

yet they'd fallen deeply

so they held on till their union.

Marriage vows once taken,

they thought now we'll awaken!

Life changing years were met

with blissful moments of love and lust.

Imprints of fleeting joys left

every now and then.

But then life played out

duties and roles wore them out

They both didn't know

why their minds grew dark

amidst survival two hearts fell apart

Years went by

Girl held on to the past

whilst the boy silently struggled

Unaware of his pain

kept waiting for himn vain

It was only after the hurricane

they both stood in front of

the reality between what was and is.

Now they hold onto the thread of past

and the children they bore.

Will they be able to get through this

or remain sore?

Their beating hearts beg to unite again

whilst faith mocks from afar.

Will they be able to love each other like before?

Will they be closer than ever or fall further apart?

Where do they go from here?

Truth prevails.

True love never fails.

By Tanushi Singh

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